Location and Facilities

The St. Davids Campus

The Eastern University main campus incorporates academic facilities, playing fields, and residence halls with three small lakes and beautifully landscaped countryside. About half of its 114 acres remain in a natural state.

The suburb of St. Davids is located just 30 minutes from downtown Philadelphia and within easy driving or train distance of New York, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., where educational and cultural resources abound.

Academic and Administrative Facilities

The primary academic facility is the McInnis Learning Center which contains classrooms and offices for faculty, deans, and a 300-seat auditorium for the performing arts. It houses the biology science center, the technical support center, a fully equipped human performance laboratory for the Kinesiology department, and a student computer center.

McInnis Learning Center houses both the Julia Fowler Planetarium and Bradstreet Observatory. The Observatory consists of two computerized 16-inch diameter Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, each housed under automated domes. The telescopes and computerized, highly sensitive, charge coupled device (CCD) cameras are controlled from within a shirtsleeve, climate-controlled, warm room.

The Observatory is used primarily by astronomy students for class assignments and professional research but is also open to the community one night per week. The Planetarium has the brightest and highest resolution digital projectors in a 20-foot diameter dome in the world. It is used by astronomy classes as well as thousands of school children and other community groups each year.

Warner Library houses volumes, periodicals, microforms, and many audio and video recordings. The Harold C. Howard Center extends the library collection into a technology center with wireless Internet service and comfortable accommodations for reading, research and study.

The first and second floors of Andrews Hall house facilities for the chemical sciences including offices, classrooms, research laboratory, and computing and teaching laboratories with advanced instrumentation, including 300 MHz FT-NMR, GC-MS, GC-FID, FT-IR, AAS, UV/VIS, HPLC, DSC, 3D printing, and Gaussian molecular modeling. Faculty offices for the English and Communication programs are located on the second and third floors.

Fowler Hall includes classrooms and offices for the president, provost, admissions personnel, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness, and the Templeton Honors College. The special acoustical qualities of its Great Room are ideal for concerts and recitals.

Workman Hall provides a center for the Music program, including faculty offices, classrooms, music practice rooms, and up-to-date electronics for composing and recording music.

Janet Long Mall Cottage houses Student Accounts, Financial Aid, and the Registrar, and it is located in the center of campus adjacent to the main parking area.

Ott Hall is located on the southwest quadrant of the campus. The former estate house provides office space for alumni affairs, advancement, and business affairs and finance.

Eagle Learning Center houses classrooms and offices for the business and education programs and admissions.

Athletic Facilities

The gymnasium, home of the Eagles, features a maple wood floor with six surrounding glass backboards and room for the two top-of-the-line Senoh volleyball standards for tournament play. The gymnasium houses men’s and women’s intercollegiate basketball, and women’s volleyball. Also housed in the gymnasium complex are a dance studio and athletic training facility for intercollegiate student-athletes. Outdoor facilities at Eastern include four tennis courts, a baseball field, a softball field, Olson Field which includes a soccer/lacrosse all-weather turf field and adjacent all-weather field hockey field, outdoor sand volleyball courts, and an outdoor pool.

Fitness Center

A state of the art 8,200 square foot fitness center was completed in the winter of 2016. The fitness center is open to every Eastern University student both undergraduate and graduate, and all Eastern faculty and staff. The two-story fitness center features state of the art Hammer Strength weight equipment and Life Fitness cardio equipment. The fitness center also includes a 70-foot batting cage and an indoor turf area for conditioning activities. Each participant must sign a waiver form before they are allowed to use the Fitness Center.

Campus Center

Walton Hall, a 40-room estate house overlooking Willow Lake, serves as the University’s student center. It contains the Dining Commons and coffee shop, meeting rooms, mail and copy center, prayer chapel, and lounge areas. Student Development offices, the Cushing Center for Counseling and Academic Support, student programming, student government and the Office of Faith and Practice.

Student Health Services

The Health Center is located in Doane Hall off the A section lounge. A registered nurse is available to assist students in the self-care center, to advise students on health-related issues, and to coordinate the services of the University physician. Students who have completed their health and immunization records may see the University nurse or physician.

Residence Halls

Six residence halls located on the St. Davids campus provide living accommodations for 1200 students. They are Gallup Hall, Kea-Guffin Hall, Hainer Hall, Gough Hall, Sparrowk Hall, and Eagle Hall. Eagle and Sparrowk Halls are considered Sophomore-Senior residence halls.  

Greater Philadelphia Area

With convenient locations throughout Philadelphia including City Line Avenue, 16th and Market, and Esperanza College. Eastern offers a wide-variety of adult undergraduate and graduate degrees designed specifically for the working adult. As one of the largest and most notable cities in the U.S., Philadelphia provides countless opportunities for students to grow and thrive. With access to a vibrant cultural scene and the convenience of modern, city living, students are able to strongly develop both personally and professionally as they pursue their associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree.


The Harrisburg location offers meaningful bachelor and master degrees designed specifically for working adults. Eastern University’s Harrisburg campus has been serving the greater Harrisburg area for nearly twenty years. Right in the heart of Pennsylvania, the state capital is one of constant growth and development with a consistent flow of new professionals, various recreational activities, and the beautiful scenery of the Susquehanna Valley. Major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C. are jut a few hours away by car and allow students to easily pursue a wide range of careers and internships with their Eastern degree.