Greetings from the President of Esperanza, Inc.

Dear Esperanza College Student,

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to pursue your academic goals here at Esperanza College. We look forward to working with you and supporting you as you take the next steps in your education and career!

The tools in this handbook are provided to you for your benefit, and for the benefit of all your classmates. We want all of our students to have the most positive and enriching academic experience possible. We want you to build edifying relationships with your peers and with our faculty and staff. In order for that to happen, we have to agree as a community to uphold certain standards of respect, teamwork, and a positive school culture. Please take a moment to review the guidelines in this handbook, so you have a clear understanding of what we expect from each Esperanza College student. We’re proud of our environment that values and promotes integrity, professionalism, and excellence, and we know you’ll help us continue to build on that – in honor of the students who have come before you, and as a legacy you leave for future classes who will come after you.

Some of the tools in this handbook – like the course catalogue, calendar, staff contact info, etc. – are also designed to help you stay organized during your time with us. If you should ever need assistance in getting used to college life or staying on top of the workload, please lean on our staff to help you! Remember, we’re all learning together, and we’re all invested in each other’s success.

Congratulations once again, and best of luck in all your classes!

The Reverend Luis Cortés Jr.
President, Esperanza

Greetings from the President of Eastern University

Dear Student,

Welcome to Esperanza College of Eastern University. I believe you have chosen well in selecting a Christian faith-based college that is committed to helping you grow both academically and spiritually. Please keep this Handbook as a valuable guide to course information and all of the resources that Esperanza College has to offer you. 

I understand that college often comes with many challenges, no matter what your age or previous education. Please be assured that if and when you face difficulties, Esperanza College has the support systems in place to assist you in whatever ways are necessary, from academic advising and tutoring to counseling and spiritual guidance. With small class sizes, our faculty get to know their students and become mentors and role models. This is one of our greatest strengths and helps to create the caring Christian community so many students cite as a highlight of their educational experience. 

Thank you again for trusting Esperanza College of Eastern University with this next step in your academic career and life. I wish you every success. When you graduate from Esperanza College and choose to continue your education, we will help you make a smooth transition within Eastern University. My prayer is that you will find good friends, preparation for your individual career goals, and most importantly, strengthened faith for the journey ahead. For we are promised that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

The world needs you. The world needs Eastern University!

Dr. Ronald A. Matthews 
President of Eastern University 

Greetings from the Executive Dean of Esperanza College

Congratulations! Your decision to attend college is life changing and will lead to a future with great possibility and opportunity! We are so grateful that you have chosen Esperanza College of Eastern University (ECEU) as part of your important academic journey. You are now a part of a family that recognizes your gifts and supports your ambitions.  

Now that you have taken this important step, remain committed and continue to press forward. Be sure to celebrate both the large and small successes and victories along the way. There will also be difficult days and obstacles to overcome too. They are an important part of your learning process as you stretch to meet the challenges and discover ways to conquer them. The strength, skills, and abilities you develop to continue to grow your faith and set your goals will carry over toward a life of limitless potential.  

We are here to support you, please surround yourself with positive people and utilize all the resources available to you. You have our commitment to guide, encourage and prepare you along the way. Review the information outlined in this handbook so that you can get the best possible experience while you are a student at ECEU. The information in the handbook and working with your instructors and staff will help you to understand what is expected of you, we are all invested in your success!  

We celebrate the beginning of this important new chapter in your life and look forward to rejoicing with you as an Esperanza College of Eastern University graduate!

Know that the Lord declares He has “plans to give you hope and a future”.  (Jeremiah 29:11b)

Marilyn Marsh, MSOD, MTS 
Executive Dean of Esperanza College of Eastern University