Missions (MISS)

MISS 100  Perspectives in Christian World Mission  3  

A comprehensive introduction to the World Christian Movement as it is involved in mission. The course provides a systematic and critical understanding based on biblical foundations, historical developments, cultural issues and strategic approaches. Emphasis on what has happened and is happening to complete the task of world evangelization.

Core Category: Theology  
MISS 130  Special Topics  1-3  
MISS 200  Expansion and Methods of the Christian World Movement  3  

An analysis of the dynamics of the growth of the Christian movement from the Apostolic era to the present day. Special attention is given to the major leaders in evangelization of new peoples and nations and to the diverse structures of mission outreach.

MISS 220  Biblical Perspectives on Missiology  3  

Old and New Testament perspectives which illuminate the nature and meaning of missions today. The Kingdom and people of God are explored along with the missionary nature of the Apostolic Church. Prerequisites: Minimum grades of C in BIBL 101, 102.

Prerequisites: BIBL-101 and BIBL-102; Minimum grade C in each  
MISS 230  Special Topics  1-3  
MISS 310  Christ and Culture  3  

This course presents anthropological models of cross-cultural ministry, addressing theoretical and practical concerns. Topics include: Christianity and culture, cross-cultural interpretation of the Bible and the Gospel, contextualization of theology, and the missionary role, gifts and calling, support networks, ministry goals, leadership skills, second language acquisition, and models of interpersonal, ethical and spiritual reconciliation.

MISS 330  Special Topics  1-3  
MISS 350  Strategic Planning for World Evangelization  3  
MISS 395  Field Experience  3  

Supervised participation in the field efforts of a Christian missions organization that involves direct ministry responsibilities appropriate to the individual's level of prior experience. Typically, such placement will require one to cross a significant cultural boundary.

MISS 400  Directed Studies  1-3  
MISS 401  Ideas in Missiology  3  

This course will consider the development of missiological thought from the first world conferences of mission to the present. We will survey missiological ideas, including contextualization, globalization, ecumenicsism, as well as responses to pluralism, and neo-colonialism among others. Most importantly we will consider varying understandings and contemporary conclusions concerning the nature and task of mission. The relevance of mission both for the present and the future will be emphasized.

Prerequisites: MISS-100; Minimum grade C  
MISS 420  Contemporary Issues in Missiology and Anthropology  3  

This course is a senior seminar synthesizing missiological and anthropological issues and developments as they apply to the 21st century context. It presumes the interpenetration of biblical studies, missiological theories, and ethnographic and ethnolinguistic processes. Both non Western and Western approaches to understanding the missio Dei (the mission of God) will be considered in the context of the history of the growth of God's Kingdom.

MISS 495  Sp Top: Missiology Internship  3  
MISS 498  Teaching Assistant  1-3  
MISS 501  An Introduction to Missiology  3  

The course is designed to provide an integrated survey of important issues involved in missiology such as the biblical foundations of mission, the history of the world Christian movement, theological models of mission practice, Christian theologies of religious pluralism, and current challenges in missiology. Particular attention will be given to theological models of mission practice and paradigm changes in Christian theologies of world religions.

MISS 502  Missiology in Local and Global Contexts  3  

The course is to introduce an overview of crucial issues involved in missiology in local and global contexts such as a biblical theology of mission, the history of the cross-cultural expansion of world Christianity, conversion to the Christian faith, paradigm shifts in theology of mission, global Evangelical missiology, the current issues in missiology, diaspora missions, and missiology for North America. Particular attention will be given to missiology in the global and North American contexts.