Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Templeton’s 30-credit Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) offers a distinctively Christian and Classical Liberal Arts approach to training teachers for any type of school, but especially those involved in the renewal of “classical education.” We believe education should help students form intellectual virtue, cultivate a love for learning, nurture a moral life of wisdom, and prepare them to serve the common good. In order to lead students toward these ends, teachers must pursue them in their own lives, and thus be the kinds of people they hope their students become. The Templeton MAT helps teachers of any subject do this by introducing them to the methods, materials, and ends of Classical Liberal Arts education, as well as the results of current research in psychology and pedagogy. Through the integrated study of philosophy, theology, literature, education, and pedagogy in small seminars, the MAT program will help teachers become both master learners and master teachers. Designed for working teachers, MAT courses are offered online and on-ground during summer residencies in St. Davids, PA.