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Esperanza College Contact Information

The Esperanza Inc., switchboard operator is available at (215) 324-0746 on Monday through Friday, 8:30 am–5:30 pm. The extension to Esperanza College is ext. 410. When calling after 5:30 pm, the after-hour message will begin, and you may simply dial ext. 410 to be directed to the college where you will be able to leave a message.

Contact Extension Email Address
College Reception Desk ext. 410
Mr. Albert Brown ext. 437
Director of Admissions and Marketing
Dr. Stephanie Brown ext. 416
Director of Student Services
Abraham DeJesus ext. 104
Admissions Recruiter
Dr. Nilsa Graciani ext. 466
Director of STEM and Medical Assisting
Mrs. Mayerlin Harar est. 104
Admissions Recruiter
Dr. David Hurtado ext. 419
Director of Communication, Media, and Technology
Ms. Colleen Ingram ext. 465
Clinical Assistant for Medical Assisting
Ms. Karly Kiefer ext. 455
Title V Project Director
Leanette Luna ext. 412
Title V Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Marilyn Marsh ext. 417
Executive Dean
Ms. Verónica Muñiz-Soto
Dr. Gladys Ramirez-Wrease ext. 418
Associate Dean of Academic and Student Success
Ms. Elizabeth Sierra ext. 469
Student Accounts/Financial Aid Representative
Ms. Erika Vigo ext. 415
Registrar Coordinator