Marketing (MKTG)

MKTG 202  Principles of Marketing  3  

This course introduces the student to the broad field of marketing and activity that aims to develop goods and services to satisfy the needs and desires of customers. Marketing decision-making in for-profit and not- for-profit organizations emphasizes the analysis of customer needs and desires; segmenting of markets; developing product, promotion, price and distribution strategies; and the relationship among consumers, business and government.

Prerequisites: BUSA 101  
MKTG 302  Marketing Research  3  

Analysis of the principal internal and external procedures used in collecting, processing and evaluating both quantitative and qualitative data. Students will also apply research design and management of information for decision-making.

Prerequisites: MKTG 202 and BUSA 221  
MKTG 303  Consumer Behavior  3  

Course examines the relationship between buyer behavior and marketing decision making. Students will develop an awareness of various aspects of consumer motivation and behavior, including social, cultural, psychological, business and environmental influences.

Prerequisites: MKTG-202; MINIMUM GRADE C  
MKTG 305  Principles of Sales Management  3  

Principles underlying the sales process and practical application of these principles to selling institutions. Emphasis on essential qualities, right mental attitudes and necessary emotional control, as well as good selling skills necessary to sell self, services and products.

Prerequisites: MKTG 202 or BUSA 202  
MKTG 403  Digital Marketing  3  

This course is designed to address contemporary issues and interests in Marketing. Such topics as supply chain management, branding, customer relationship management, retailing, and others will be offered in various semesters. Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in BUSA 202 and 302.

Prerequisites: MKTG 302  
MKTG 405  Integrated Marketing Communications  3  

This course analyzes the numerous methods used to communicate with customers. Organizations in the private as well as the public sectors understand that the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with their targeted audiences is critical to the long-term success of the organization. Topics such as public relations, selling, and advertising and promotion will be explored. Students will complete the design and implementation of an integrated marketing communication plan.

Prerequisites: MKTG 303 and MKTG 305