The Academic Programs

Curriculum lies at the center of the academic program. The educational process at Eastern is based on the following assumptions:

  1. Education should include more than learning facts and developing skills; it should facilitate the fullest development of a student’s maturity, responsibility, and life-affirming creativity. The curriculum should provide the opportunity for a forthright, in-depth wrestling with the central moral, spiritual, and ethical concerns of human beings.
  2. The student must assume responsibility for his/her own education. However, the student can benefit from some guidance; the shape and content of the curriculum does matter, and some sequences of courses may be better than others.
  3. The instructor and his/her teaching should not be divorced from life. He/she should be a model of what he/she teaches and a person of integrity.
  4. Both the dynamics of learning and content of knowledge must be given their proper place in the educational process. We cannot ignore the context from which the student comes.

Eastern University Fast Pass

Residential students in our traditional undergraduate programs can receive two, tuition-free, online summer classes, for each year of study at Eastern University. Students in our traditional undergraduate programs, who reside on campus and maintain satisfactory academic progress, can take advantage of this program. It is open to students in all majors in all colleges, including the Templeton Honors College. Commuter students who carry a full-time EU traditional undergraduate course load during the academic year, but do not pay for room and board, will receive significant discounts on these summer classes.


Each student must elect and complete a major in order to graduate. The student’s first major determines the degree earned. Students in Associates programs will earn an Associate of Arts, Associate in Science or Associate in Applied Science degree. In some major fields of study, only the Bachelor of Arts is offered; in some fields only the Bachelor of Science is offered; and in other fields, the student may choose to fulfill the major requirements for either the B.A. or B.S. degree. Only students majoring in Social Work receive the Bachelor of Social Work degree, and only students majoring in Nursing receive the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Requirements for all majors and the degrees earned are listed under the major listings in the Course Description section of the catalog.


Groupings of courses approved by faculty vote in particular areas of study are recognized as minors for students in Bachelors programs. Students may use elective courses to fulfill a specific minor (normally 18 semester credit hours) chosen from the listing in the following pages. Students selecting minors should declare as early as possible, but not later than the junior year. Forms are available on the Office of the Registrar Web page.

Summary of Majors and Minors Offered

The following table lists the major and minor courses of study offered at Eastern and the degrees earned for each major.

Subject Major and Degree Received Minor
Accounting BS X
Anthropology X
Astronomy X
Biblical Studies BA X
Biblical Languages
Without Biblical Languages
Biochemical Studies BA
Biochemistry BS X
Biological Studies BA
Biology BS X
Business Administration BS
Entrepreneurial Studies
Financial Services
Chemistry BS X
4+1 Forensic Chemistry
Chemistry-Business BS
Christian Thought X
Communication Studies BA X
Interpersonal Communication
Digital Media
Strategic Communication
Computer Science BS X
Criminal Justice BA X
Dance BA X
Data Science BS X
Early Childhood Education BS
Early Childhood Studies BS
Education X
English BA
Environmental Science BS X
Exercise Science BS
Fine Arts X
Forensic Chemistry X
Global Studies and Service BA
History BA X
Health Science BA
Individualized BA
Journalism X
Latin American Studies X
Liberal Arts AA
Early Childhood Education
Marketing BS X
Mathematics BA X
Middle-Level Education BS
Missiology X
Music BA X
Composition/Electronic Music
Contemporary Music
Worship Arts
Music Education BS
Nursing BSN
Organizational Leadership BA
Orthodox Thought and Culture X
Philosophy BA X
Political Science BA X
Pre-Law X
Psychology BA X
Public Policy X
Social Welfare X
Social Work BSW
Sociology BA X
Spanish BA X
Special Education BS
Theatre BA X
Theology and Ethics X
Theological Studies BA
Urban Studies X
Youth Ministries BA X