Medical Assisting (MEDA)

MEDA 101  Introduction to Medical Assisting  3  

An overview of the basic concepts required to function as a medical assistant both administratively and clinically. Topics include scheduling, electronic medical records, infection control, first aid, CPR, patient assessment and management of the front office.

MEDA 150  Medical Terminology  3  

The focus of this course is to enable students to understand the language of health, disease, medical diagnoses, and treatment commonly employed by healthcare professionals. The course will emphasize Latin and Greek word roots, suffixes, prefixes, abbreviations, and anatomical terms and stress pronunciation, spelling, and appropriate use of medical terminology. This course is foundational to all other health related courses.

MEDA 160  Phlebotomy and Critical Clinical Procedures  3  

This course delves deeper into the skills needed to perform essential clinical skills in the medical office. Topics include collecting specimens, performing laboratory tests, performing spirometry exams and performing an EKG.

Prerequisites: meda-101  
MEDA 168  Records, Billing, and Coding  3  

This course provides a broad overview of health insurance and third party reimbursement while providing a hands-on approach to using computer systems to generate income in a primary care setting. Students will actively practice using ICD-9 and CPT codes to complete all required paperwork for billing including practice with the CMS-1500.

Prerequisites: meda-150  
MEDA 204  Medical Law and Ethics  3  

To familiarize students with the social and ethical issues which underpin the practice of medicine. In addition, this course examines legal terminology, liability and reponsibility, licensing, and the Patient/Medical Assistant relationship. A strong emphasis will be placed on the student's abilities to display understanding through critical oral and writing skills. The capacity to articulate and reason with moral principles, philosophical claims, and social dilemmas will be braodly reviewed and assessed throughout the course.

MEDA 224  Pharmacology  3  
MEDA 260  Phlebotomy and Ekg Technology  4  

Basic course overseeing all aspects of phlebotomy delivery including infection control, safety practices, laboratory tests, appropriate equipment and proper phlebotomy technique in a wide variety of clinical situations. Students will attend both lecture and clinical practice of techniques including venipuncture and capillary blood draws.

MEDA 300  Externship  4