Digital Communication (DCOM)

DCOM 101  Storytelling & Social Change  3  

Multi-screen consumption of stories is changing the process of storytelling. You will learn how to structure and tell powerful interactive multi-platform stories through the use of Celtx studio and other similar software. The best storytellers shape culture and through the use of entertainment-education you are able to have a positive influence by telling purposeful stories that entertain, educate, and bring about positive change. You will also be introduced on how to evaluate the effects of your story.

DCOM 201  Story Telling & Social Change  3  

Delve deeper into the power of story, understanding how it works and builds community, analyzing how it can be used in a variety of media platforms, and creating content that stands out, engages, influences, and persuades. You will learn how to produce and organize content with CeltX studio suite and other software, and create, create, create.

DCOM 251  Media Law, Ethics & Leadership  3  

Learn and examine laws that regulate and control traditional and new media. You will be introduced to ethical principles and apply them in your media & technology production decision-making. You will examine cases of how ethics and law are applied to real world persuasive communication situations. You will learn historical and theoretical perspectives and apply them to current issues of law and privacy. Learn leadership principles and develop your leadership and teamwork skills to maximize the success of your media productions.

DCOM 295  Field Experence  1-3  
DCOM 301  Storytelling & Producing II  3  

It's been said there are stories, and then there are great stories. Which type of stories are you telling? We're all storytellers and canlearn how to craft better content which is vital in the midst of information overload. In this course, you will receive the knowledge and production practice to help you become a great brand storyteller through words, visuals, and more that help strengthen the community.

DCOM 321  Storytelling & Analytics  3  

An introduction to communication research, data science, social media measurement and analytis, and marketing metrics. It seeks to help you analyze the results and become a more competent researcher while helping you understand assumptions and uncertainties underpinning your research. The approach is geared towards providing you and your organization with valuable insights and thereby helping both to become successful storytellers. Course also incorporates communication theory elements.

DCOM 401  Storytelling & Producing III  3  

Social and Mobile Media have transformed how we tell stories especially ass digital natives come of age. in this course you will learn about social and digital marketing storytelling and develop stategies to apply it. You will also explore marketing through augmented and virtual realities.

DCOM 421  Digital Storytelling Capstone Proposal  3  

Take everything you have learned and develop a social-spiritual project that uses storytelling to strengthen your community. Proposal should take the multi-platform project from concept all the way to distribution and summative evaluation plans.

DCOM 471  Digital Storytelling Capstone Project  3  

Take everything you have learned and execute a social-spiritual project that uses storytelling to strengthen your community. The execution of the project will be as outlined in the proposal which may be piloting of an element of a larger project and which will include some form of summative/formative research and analytics.

DCOM 495  Internship  1-3  

Practice apply your production skills n a professional setting through your internship. Learn how the industry works, gain experience, be mentored by professionals, and showcase your skills.