Doctor of Ministry

DMIN 900  Intro to Graduate-Level Writing  1.5  

The purpose of this course is to assist students in growing their writing skills and basic research methods. In addition to writing itself, students will discuss Chicago style, plagiarism, evaluating and using sources, critical and analytical thinking, and use of rubrics for evaluating assignments.

DMIN 911H  Spiritual Practices & the Growing Leader  3  

Personal Transformation is the outcome of an intentional, ongoing, disciplined, and long-term process, involving God's activity and personal work and commitment. This course provides tools for an in-depth exploration of one's mind, body and soul and an invitation to embark on a journey of Personal Transformation, in relation to one's call and engagement of ministry. In this course, students will be introduced to the theories and practice of some disciplines such as: meditation and prayer, exploration of one's personality structure and ways of being in the world, cultivation of self-awareness and mindfulness, listening to one's own inner life, attentiveness to one's fully embodied presence in the world. As these practices expand our human potential for deep change and inner transformation, students are invited to continue their engagement of such disciplines beyond the duration of the course.

DMIN 912H  Enduring Models of Leadership for Renewa  3  

In this course, students formulate principles for leading ongoing revitalization of ministries. Two sets of sources provide the substance for developing these principles. The first set is historical biographies; the second is current case studies. These principles are gleaned from a probing examination of the intersections where leader biographies may speak to current case studies. Leaders selected for study are historic figures who led transformative ministries with lasting positive results. Case studies are created from actual incidents.

DMIN 919  Leadership Integrative Professnl Paper  3  

Leadership Integrative Professional Paper (3 credits)- The course cluster, "Sustained Spiritual and Personal Maturation," includes a guided independent research paper of about 7000-7500 words. The paper's purpose is to integrate learnings from DMIN911H and DMIN912H, and to reflect insightfully on how the student's personal identity shapes their practice of ministry in setting; in other words, how who they are shapes what they do professionally. If the student elects to pursue one of the track options for the Doctor of Ministry degree, then this paper will engage ministry through the focus of the student's concentration and include books from their track's bibliography that would help inform their work.

DMIN 921H  Leading the Dynamics of Change Mission Oriented Church  3  

Leading the Dynamics of Change (3 credits) Participants will explore the church as a system, and the implications of systems thinking on leading a congregation. Participants will discuss the church as a community, and the church in the community; culture and its role; church health and vitality; and how all of this affects the church's ability to be a mission outpost in a changing world.

DMIN 923H  Missional Renewal in Age of Globalizatn Culturally Diverse World  3  

Missional Renewal in the Age of Globalization (3 credits) This course explores the implications of globalization for the church and its mission. "Globalization" is as big as the term suggests, referring to the coming together of many different cultures, socio-economic classes, and ideologies, thus creating cross-cultural, cross-socio-economic, cross-generational, interreligious and postmodern realities more than ever before. These realities pose challenges to congregations that seek to maintain the gospel's relevance in the world. What does missional renewal look like in light of these realities? This course addresses this question from sociological, theological and practical perspectives, as it considers the challenges of becoming missional congregations in the age of globalization.

DMIN 926  Colloquium Reflection Paper  3  

This course is an opportunity for students to reflect on themes that courses in the DMIN curriculum might not otherwise address. The speakers/presenters are primary sources in their research and disciplines. By drawing on your master bibliographies, and the contents of the DMIN courses taken in Modules one and two, students will reflect on a selected event or events, and write one or two papers in response. The papers will engage the topic of the event from the student's own life and ministry context(s). In a real sense, therefore, this course, albeit a self-guided study, is an exercise in bridging contexts.

Course is Pass/Fail  
DMIN 929  Missional Integrative Paper  3  

The course cluster "Global and Local Ministry in Current and Future Worlds" includes a guided independent research paper of about 7500 words. The purpose of this assignment is for students to reflect clearly and insightfully on how their actual learnings from DMIN923H and DMIN931H may positively affect what and how they do ministry in their current setting, possibly including the wider community. If the student elects to pursue one of the track options for the Doctor of Ministry degree, then this paper will engage ministry through the focus of the student's concentration and include books from their track's bibliography that would help inform their work. Those who elect to pursue the standard curriculum, or General Track will focus according to their ministry context, but not with a given specialization in mind. Students are encouraged, if possible, to be thinking ahead to their Project Thesis when deciding the aim of this paper.

DMIN 931H  Contexts, Perspectives, and Ministries In the 21st Century  3  

This course explores the changing context of Christian ministry in the 21st century. Through readings, class discussions, and written work, students will explore issues related to understanding gospel and culture, reading future trends, the changing nature of church in a post?modern world and the interplay of renewal and discipleship for ministry. Participants will dialog and explore the role of the church in this new era, and the churches' call to be relevant in the context that it finds itself. Finally, the participants will look at the implications of becoming an authentic community.

DMIN 933H  Project Proposal Workshop and Resources Church Resources  3  

This familiarizes students with research methodology for Doctor of Ministry projects. As the range of options are explored, differentiations are made between quantitative and qualitative, empirical and observational studies. Students will choose the method that best suits their developing project proposal and learn to design tools suitable for their study.

DMIN 939H  Project Proposal Seminar  3  

This course will prepare students for the presentation of an acceptable project proposal to the Doctor of Ministry Project Review Committee with a strong emphasis on developing leadership strategies for community renewal. We will also address vital issues within the student's context and discuss church sponsorship, volunteer management, fiscal and ethical responsibilities, partnering with complementary programs, and more, as needed for effective projects.

DMIN 943H  Congregational Renewal  3  

This course will seek to deepen understanding of the biblical and theological foundations for congregational transformation; understand relevant recent history; expand knowledge for concrete implementation; and deepen awareness of relevant literature. On the continuum of transformation, personal transformation occupies one end while community or social transformation occupies the other. Between these ends sits congregational transformation, on which this course will focus. Congregational transformation refers to a church's process of being transformed into the image of God in Jesus Christ, who longs to redeem creation and everyone in it. Practically speaking, it refers to a Spirit-led process that moves a congregation from focusing chronically inward to becoming genuinely missional. While congregational transformation is a process that God initiates and inspires, it also demands human engagement, commitment and effort.

DMIN 960  Project Completion and Oral Defense I  1.5  
DMIN 961  Project Completion and Oral Defense II  1.5  
DMIN 962  Project Completion and Oral Defense Continuation  1  
DMIN 991H  Doctor of Ministry Seminar I  3  

Doctor of Ministry Seminar I - is a concentration specific course taken nevertheless by all students pursuing the optional curriculum tracks. The professor poses a particular problem situation(s) in ministry. Students address the problem(s) in several dimensions according to their track specialization.

Course is Pass/Fail  
DMIN 992H  Seminar in Prophetic Preaching and Teaching  3  

This course explores problems currently discussed in homiletic and educational disciplines as they bear on speaking intentionally into specific situations with purpose and conviction. Key to this course is the cultivation of linkages between ministries of preaching and teaching, so the two are singularly focused and mutually enhancing.

DMIN 994H  Seminar in Personal and Spiritual Transformation  3  

This course looks carefully at, and practices, theory and technique at the intersection between spiritual disciplines, psychology, coaching, and spiritual direction.