Fine & Performing Arts (FAPA)

FAPA 110  Introduction to Music  3  

This course traces the evolution of musical style through history. Includes the basic elements of music, the instruments of the orchestra, important forms and types of music, and representative works of great composers. The course is designed to promote greater enjoyment in music listening.

Core Category: Arts and Literature  
FAPA 120  History & Appreciation of Art  3  

The study and enjoyment of art and its various expressions, particularly painting, sculpture and architecture. The course uses an historical approach in which each of the great periods of art is considered in relation to its social, religious and philosophical conditions.

Core Category: Arts and Literature  
FAPA 130  Special Topics  1-3  
FAPA 130A  Religion and Art  3  
FAPA 132  Creativity and the Arts Exposed  3  

This is an experiential course where the students study great works of art for their inherent historical and cultural significance in order to be inspired to create their own works of art. The course will promote creative communication, tolerance, respect, critical thinking, self- expression, team-work and spiritual connectedness. Creating dramatic scenes, dances, musical compositions, drawings, sculptures and poems will produce a creative, well rounded, culturally literate individual equipped with "outside of the box" thinking skills.

Core Category: Arts and Literature  
FAPA 140  Opera: Total Art  3  

In the process of listening to the great masterpieces of the musical genre, opera, this course enables the student to appreciate opera as a collaboration of many arts(music, theater, dance, visual arts), united in one great artistic event. From its origins in the Baroque period to the 20th century, the student will gain insight into the history of classical music through the development of opera as represented by the hallmark characteristics of the great operatic composes from each period of music (i.e. Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th century). In addition, this course enables the student to gain appreciation for the glorious art of singing, to observe the role of the orchestra in opera, to recognize the importance of the literary text or libretto, and to observe opera's reflection on the spirit of the times.

Core Category: Arts and Literature  
FAPA 160  Computer Graphics  3  

This course is designed to provide the basic skills necessary for the successful use of an industry standard graphics program, Adobe Photoshop and is specifically intended for the inexperienced student. The basics of computer based image sourcing and creation, manipulation and use of special effects will lead to familiarity with resources and skills needed for the composition, editing, transfer and storage of images. Basic design concepts including unity, balance, rhythm and color will be discussed and integrated into projects. The course will increase skills for those who have some experience with the programs, and offer a solid introduction to them and the Mac OS for those who have no such experience. Due to limited space, registration space will be forfeited if the student does not attend the first class or make arrangements to be excused.

Core Category: Arts and Literature  
FAPA 230  Special Topics  1-3  
FAPA 230A  Introduction to Drawing and Painting  3  
FAPA 230B  Drawing II  3  
FAPA 230C  Social Justice and the Arts  3  

Social Justice in the Arts is a 3 credit course designed as a requirement for the Knowledgeable in Doing Justice core course, and as an elective for other students in the Fine and Performing Arts programs. This course is ideal for students who are passionate about social justice and are interested in how artistic platforms are used to raise awareness and fight injustice. Creative projects offer unique opportunities for exploring conflict and justice and sometimes can serve as catalysts for cultural and political change. This course will give an overview of the Arts throughout history, including, but not limited to, Music, Dance, Theatre, Movies, and Fine Arts, and how these art forms relate to Social Justice.

Core Category: Social Justice  
FAPA 260  Biblical Themes in Art  3  
FAPA 300W  Arts Integration in the Classroom  3  

This writing intensive course investigates creative process within the educational framework. Primary focus is given to concepts of multiple intelligences theory, multicultural literature, and integrated arts curricula. Both theory and practice are included in this experiential class.

Core Category: Arts and Literature  
FAPA 330  Special Topics  1-3  
FAPA 330A  Once Upon a Time- Fairy Tales and the Arts  3  

A Fine Arts course designed to examine the influence of the ancient stories we call 'Fairy Tales' on all aspects of art making covering a period from roughly the mid 1800's to the present. One only has to look at the titles of the DVDs on any shelf in any retail store to see the pervasiveness of Fairy Tales in our culture. Quite often, these titles are not addressed to children. Why should this be so? This course seeks to attempt to answer that question while acquainting the student with superb examples of art(ballet, radio, film, animation, concert music, poetry, drama, painting, sculpture, etc.)that were inspired or influenced by Fairy Tales. Students will also become familiar with several methods of analysis(Freudian, Jungian, Christian), which will be used as lenses to view each story. Fairy Tales from the Grimm Brothers will obviously be represented, but the course will spend about a third of the semester looking at non-Western Fairy Tales, and consequently non-Western art forms as well.

FAPA 495  Art Internship  3  
FAPA 498  Teaching Assistant  1-3