Policies and General Information

Security at Esperanza College

Esperanza College of Eastern University is part of a dynamic partnership with Esperanza, a Christian community organization serving Latino and other members of our North Philadelphia community. At Esperanza College, we believe that your security should be a team effort that involves the cooperation of all concerned: students, faculty, and staff. Esperanza College is a community of approximately 250 students and more than 60 faculty and staff. Because Esperanza College is a small community each member plays an important role in the protection of the campus. All members of the community are asked to report any suspicious person, activity, or security concern directly and immediately to a security officer. 


  1. that the integrity of the classroom experience is critical to the educational process,
  2. the legal requirements and liability in providing childcare, and
  3. the inherent liability in any classroom site/location,

Eastern University and Esperanza, Inc. do not permit students to have a child or dependent accompany them to a scheduled class. In addition, prior permission is to be obtained from the Dean and then from the instructor when a student desires an adult visitor to accompany him/her to class. Moreover, children/dependents/guests are not permitted to stay on the campus during class time.

Security Services

The College employs unarmed security guards. These security guards are responsible for securing campus buildings both at night and day and providing escorts upon request for safety reasons. Guards regularly request Physical Plant to repair burned-out lights, damaged property, broken door locks, and other items that may cause injury or risk to students, faculty, or staff. Security patrols the campus on foot from 8:30 am until closing. During late evening hours, the security on duty checks the building and other places where students congregate. The security guards report directly to our Facilities Manager. The department of security maintains an excellent working partnership with the Philadelphia Police 25th District. 

Crime in the area is monitored by sharing information with the police.

Security Staff

Contact Phone Number
Supervisor (215)360-7196
Security Desk (215)324-0746 ext. 171


Monday–Thursday 8:30 am–10:30 pm
Fridays 8:30 am–5:30 pm

The Student/Employee Responsibility

The cooperation of all members of the community is absolutely essential to ensure the success of campus safety. Individuals must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal property by taking the following precautions: 

  • Exterior doors to the building should never be propped open.
  • Room doors should be locked whenever the individual is away from the room.
  • Keys should not be lent to others
  • Cars should be locked at all times. Valuables should be concealed. Steering wheel locking devices are recommended.
  • Suspicious-looking individuals should be reported to Security or the Switchboard immediately.
  • Do not walk alone in the surrounding neighborhood at night.
  • Report any damaged lights or doors.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Esperanza College complies with federal, state, and local laws including those which regulate the possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances. The following represents the drug and alcohol policies at Esperanza College: 

The following are prohibited:

  • The use of illegal drugs
  • The abuse of other drugs (i.e., legal medications)
  • The use of alcohol on campus or public areas of campus
  • The abuse of alcohol in any context on campus

The College’s objective is to take positive corrective actions to prevent any incidents of substance abuse. Students involved with substance abuse are usually required to go through evaluation and counseling programs. Disciplinary procedures for anyone who violates these policies are outlined within the Student Code of Conduct. Drug and alcohol counseling may be obtained from qualified professionals in the local area. A few resources are listed below:

Contact Phone Number
Alcoholics Anonymous (215)923-7900
Addiction Referral & Intervention (215)238-2150
Narcotics Anonymous (888)306-9941

Reporting a Crime

Individuals who witness or become the victim of a crime on or near campus are expected to contact Esperanza College’s Security Officer immediately by dialing (215) 324-0746 extension 171, or by using one of the campus phones and dialing extension 171. The Security Officer will respond and summon police if necessary. The Security Officer will file a written report on all crime incidents. All incident reports filed are recorded and maintained in the office of the Security Manager. 

University policies on sexual assaults, sexual harassment, drug and alcohol use, and counseling services are enumerated in detail in the online Student Handbook. Information about any registered sex offenders is available on the Pennsylvania State Police Website. To view the most updated report of Esperanza College campus crime, go to: https://www.eastern.edu/about/offices-centers/public-safety-610-341-1737/clery-compliance

In addition to providing this information to students and employees, each institution of higher education is required to annually report crime statistics and rates to the State Police for publication in the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Report, “Crime in Pennsylvania.” The Federal Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 and the Federal Higher Education Amendments of 1992 also mandate, along with other requirements, that universities publish statistics regarding campus crime.

This information is provided in compliance with House Bill #1900 (Clery Legislation) Terrorism Readiness and Response Information.

There is no way to fully prepare for every eventuality concerning unknown and unpredictable events that might occur in our area or in another nearby area. In the case of an event, we ask that each community member use his or her own best judgment as to how to behave safely. In the event of an unsafe condition at Esperanza College, the staff will provide specific guidance to the students and faculty. We also recommend that each member of this community take the time to educate himself/herself and his or her families and friends, using the general information that is available.

Here are some websites that you may find helpful. Remember, as always whenever looking for information on the web, especially about a topic like “Homeland Security,” read everything with all of your best critical thinking tools fully operational!

Below are some pointers concerning preparedness that will work with many applications. You should know and practice these during this time of uncertainty as well as in general.

  • Carry identification with you at all times. Esperanza, Inc. requires that you wear your Eastern University ID in a visible place on your upper body at all times that you are at the (EC) campus.
  • Make up a personal emergency contact card and carry it with your license.
  • Set up a contact plan with your relatives and friends. Ask someone who lives well outside of your area to be the contact clearinghouse for you and your relatives. Carry that phone number and address with you on your emergency contact card.
  • In the event of an incident that occurs outdoors and if the building you are in is not affected, stay inside that building and seek further information before exiting.
  • If the building you are in is affected, leave, and go inside another place of safety.
  • Keep extra prescription medications with you.
  • If you wear contact lenses, carry glasses with you at all times.
  • Keep a supply of water on hand.

Timely Warning

In the event that a situation arises, either on or off campus, that, in the judgment of the Director of Safety and Security for the university, constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat, a campus wide “timely warning” will be issued. The warning will be issued through the “E2Campus” emergency alert system. This system allows information to be distributed via cell phone text message and email. Students, Faculty and Staff are urged to subscribe to this service. Details and subscription information can be found at https://www.eastern.edu/about/offices-centers/public-safety-610-341-1737/eu-emergency-messaging-system

Be sure to select the “Esperanza College at 4261 N. 5th St.” option to receive information about this site.

In addition, information will be posted at the Department of Security website at http://www.eastern.edu/campus/university_wide_services/security/emergencies.html