Health Science (HLSC)

HLSC 230  Special Topics  1-4  
HLSC 325  Health & Disease  3  

This course introduces the basic principles and methods of epidemiology, with an emphasis on critical thinking, analytic skills, and application to clinical practice and research. Students will learn and apply basic concepts of epidemiology to multiple domains of public health. We will illustrate and practice using epidemiology to better understand, characterize, and promote health at a population level.

HLSC 445  Professional Development in Health Science  3  

This course is designed for upper level health science and pre-professional students. This course explores administrative procedures, professional responsibility, clinical and personnel management, budgeting, and operations of someone in an allied health field. Additionally, this course will utilize a case study approach to evaluate moral and ethical practice from a Christian and a secular perspective. The information will be presented by way of lecture, group decision and guest speakers.

HLSC 495  Internship in Health Science  3-12  

The Health Science internship course is a capstone experience that permits students to apply their academic training under the direction of certified fitness/wellness professionals and/or licensed clinical professionals. Student internships are designed to complement the students' education in their particular field of study. While classroom input is inherent in educational programs at Eastern University, the application of academic theory gives the student experiences that will add to their personal and professional maturity. The internship provides the student with the opportunity to ask pertinent questions, make observations, and to participate in agency activities that normally would not be possible for a paid, full-time employee.