Academic Standing

Dean’s List

Students who attain a high academic standing in a given semester are recognized on the Dean’s List.

The Dean’s List contains the names of students who have taken at least 12 semester hours credit during the previous semester and have earned a grade-point average of 3.5 or better for the semester.

Academic Classification

Classification is based on total earned credits (Eastern and transfer hours):

Standing Total Earned Credits
First Year Less than 25
Sophomore 25-54.99
Junior 55-87.99
Senior 88 and more

Academic Warning for Unsatisfactory Semester Grade-Point Average

Students whose semester grade-point average is below 2.0 but to not otherwise meet the criteria for probation or dismissal will receive an academic warning from their Academic Advisor.

Acceptable Progress and Probation

These are the guidelines for measuring acceptable progress toward graduation for each academic classification:

Credits Grade-Point Average
Less than 25 credits 1.75 grade-point average
25 - 41.99 credits 1.85 grade-point average
42 - 54.99 credits 1.95 grade-point average
55+ credits 2.00 grade-point average

Students who fail to achieve the minimum grade-point average for their classification are placed on probation, warning, or academically dismissed.

Review of Scholastic Records

The records of all students whose grade-point averages fall below the requirement for acceptable progress will be reviewed at the completion of Fall/Fall 2 and Spring/Spring 2 terms. Students who do not meet the standards of acceptable academic progress are placed on academic probation. Students whose cumulative record is considered dangerously low or whose semester record is poor may be issued a warning, put on probation, or required to withdraw from the University. Other recommendations or requirements may be made by the committee for the student’s benefit. Students are notified via Eastern email of all decisions as soon as possible.

A traditional baccalaureate student on academic probation may take up to 16 semester hours. A course load of more than 16 hours requires the permission of the Dean.

Academic Dismissal

A student whose academic standing is deemed excessively low can generally expect to be dismissed because of any one or a combination of the following circumstances:

  1. An unsatisfactory semester, when the grade-point average is below 1.0;
  2. Failure to improve sufficiently after a warning;
  3. Failure to improve sufficiently after
    • Traditional Baccalaureate: two successive semesters on academic probation;
    • Nontraditional Accelerated: 180 days on academic probation
  4. Failure to attain a grade-point average of 2.00 on 55 or more hours attempted.

A dismissal decision is made when it is highly unlikely for the student, under present circumstances, to complete the requirements for graduation. It is, therefore, in the best interest of the student not to continue at Eastern. This decision is announced to the student by email from the Registrar's Office to the student's Eastern email account.

Students who receive VA benefits will be dismissed because of any of the circumstances listed above.