Emergency Instructions if Something Occurs at Esperanza College


If you discover a fire or smoke:

  1. Sound the building alarm.
  2. Call 911, Building Manager at (215) 360-7196, and an EC staff member. 1

All other individuals should:

  1. Close windows and leave doors opened and unlocked.
  2. Evacuate the building in accordance with the emergency evacuation plan for the area in which you are located at the time of the alarm.
  3. Proceed to primary staging area—Main Parking Lot on side of building (Bristol Street). 2
  4. Standby for further instructions.

Bomb Threat

If you receive a bomb threat:

  1. Record information (on FBI Data card if available; otherwise on a note paper).
  2. Call 911, Building Manager at (215) 360-7196, and an EC staff member. 1

All other individuals should:

  1. If directed—search the immediate area for suspicious objects (voluntary basis only). If a package is found, do not touch. Call Bomb Squad 9-1-1. Evacuate area.
  2. If evacuation of the building is required, follow the evacuation plan.
  3. Proceed to the primary staging area at the Main Parking Lot.
  4. Standby for further instructions.

Chemical or Biological Threat

If you receive a suspicious package/item containing a powdery substance, has strange odors, stains, or leaks:

  1. Do not handle it.
  2. Isolate the package and cordon off the area closing all doors leading to the area.
  3. If you handled the item, wash exposed skin areas for at least three minutes with soap and water and rinse for one minute.
  4. Notify Building Manager at (215) 360-7196 and an EC staff member.
  5. Avoid all other individuals.
  6. Wait for Hazmat team for possible decontamination procedure.

All other individuals should:

  1. Stay away from the suspected area and from anyone potentially exposed.
  2. If an evacuation is ordered, follow normal evacuation procedures.

Medical Emergency

If you have, or see someone with a medical emergency:

  1. Call 911. 1
  2. Administer first aid or request assistance.
  3. Call an EC staff member.


All individuals should:

  1. Take cover under the table, desk, or in the doorway.
  2. Do not run outdoors.

Severe Weather

All individuals should:

  1. Prepare to move to a place of safety.
  2. Stay away from large windows.
  3. Standby for further instructions.

If you are calling from an Esperanza, Inc. phone, you must dial “9” for an outside line.


In case of evacuation, no beverages, food, or bulky items are to be carried into the stairwells. Under no circumstances should you use the elevator. First Aid Kits are located in the Front Desk of Esperanza College and the kitchen of Esperanza, Inc.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Contact Phone Number
Emergency 9-1-1
Building Manager (215)360-7196
Chemical Facility Tip Line (Report Chemical/Biological Terrorism) (877)394-4347
Poison Control Centers Hotline (800)222-1222

Inclement Weather Closing

In case of bad weather that could potentially result in cancellation of classes, look at the Eastern University Web page and open the EU Quick Links menu in the upper right corner. Click on “School Closing Info” to see whether the Esperanza college campus is closed. Esperanza will send an email announcing the closure of the school, and a message will be posted on the Esperanza, Inc. answering machine at (215) 324-0746. Closing information will also be posted on ECEU’s webpage and social media platforms.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards have been placed in convenient locations within the building. In order for bulletin boards to be a viable communications source, it is critical that notices be current and placed on the appropriate designated bulletin boards and approved by the appropriate office. If you wish to post an item on the bulletin boards, please see the Deans.

Student I.D. Cards

At the beginning of the student’s first semester, students will receive a student identification card. This card provides convenient access to college facilities and activities and enables students to check out materials at the library. It is also intended as a safeguard against abuses by individuals who are not members of the College community. Once students receive their I.D. cards, they must wear them in a visible way on their upper body at all times when they are on the College campus. I.D. Cards can be obtained from the admissions team. 

Covid-19 Building Safety Protocol

Esperanza College is following the safety guidelines provided by the Federal centers for Disease Control (CDC), the State of Pennsylvania Health Guidelines, and the City of Philadelphia Health Commissioner.

Safe Building Environment

Maintenance and janitorial staff have been trained according to CDC guidelines to clean and sanitize all areas of the facilities. Routine cleaning services will remain in place in addition to extensive cleaning of high-touch areas (i.e. handrails, elevators, doorknobs, bathrooms, shared equipment, drinking fountains, etc.) every three hours. Facilities will be sanitized using EPA-approved products. Cleaning crew will record time of cleaning and areas cleaned. Use the hygiene stations equipped with hand sanitizer located at the entrance to the College and in other areas of the building. Use soap and water in the bathrooms and cleanse hands for at least 20 seconds and rinse. Cleaning station with disinfecting solution spray bottle, gloves and paper towels have been placed in meeting and conference rooms for general use. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and limit touching their faces, other individuals, and extraneous surfaces.

Social Distance Requirements

Please avoid congregating in groups in the building. At this time there are no social distancing guidelines from the CDC or the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. However, until every student and staff member are vaccinated there is still a risk of contracting COVID19. Maintain 3-to-6-foot distancing.

Face Mask Requirements

It has been proven that the wearing of masks is highly effective in preventing the transmission of COVID19 disease. A mask must be properly worn (completely covering nose and mouth) in the building for the duration of the time unless you are in a room alone. 

  • Instructors who are vaccinated may remove their mask to teach the class as long as there is a safe distance between them and the first row of students 
  • Student meetings, peer or visitor meetings should not take place in staff offices. Conference rooms or open designated meeting spaces should be used
  • Once all staff and all students have received their vaccine and provided information to the College, we can eliminate the mask requirement

What to do if not feeling well?

If you are not feeling well, please stay home and report any COVID-19 like symptoms to the Deans. Immediately, take a COVID-19 test and share results with the Deans.


  • We are requesting that all students and staff receive one of the approved COVID19 vaccinations to protect your family and the Esperanza community. 
  • Upload your vaccine card information to the link below for your private Esperanza College records: https://forms.gle/UKB9BgGBoemhUKfNA 
  • If you have medical or religious reasons preventing you from taking one of the vaccines, please contact one of the deans to request a reasonable accommodation and submit supporting documentation.  

COVID-19 Infection Event

If a student or staff member becomes ill due to COVID19 please report it to Associate Dean for Academic and Student Success as soon as possible.

  • Infections will be reported to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health
  • We will communicate in a confidential way to anyone who may have been in contact with the infected person
    • For example: we will send an email without naming the individual who has tested positive and/or shown symptoms to alert other members of the class 
    • The class may be placed online if needed for a period of time to keep everyone safe

Eating in the building

Eating in classrooms, meeting rooms, Success Center and Act 101 rooms is prohibited in the College building. Please use the cafeteria area for eating or when getting items from the snack machines. You may remove your mask briefly at this time. Do not order food to be delivered to the building, there is no eating in the classrooms.