Media and Technology (MTEC)

MTEC 101  New Media Networks & Technologies  3  

Learn about new media networks and technologies and receive an introduction on how to use them. Learn the storytelling tools in the Adobe creative cloud suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, and including YouTube and other social media.

MTEC 201  Web & Mobile Technologies I  3  

Build upon your knowledge of how to use the Adobe creative cloud suite and develop skills in web design and mobile app development. Learn how to submit our apps to android, ios, and more. Learn how to develop podcasts, blogs, vlogs, youtube channels, and more.

MTEC 251  Web & Mobile Technologies II  3  

Take your web design, mobile app development skills, and podcast communication skills to a more advanced level working on more complex and elaborate projects. Submit your productions to distribution channels.

MTEC 290  Technology Practicum  1  

Practice your design, development, and technology skills in collaborative pro-social media projects that include students mentored by professionals. Projects enable you to develop showcase content and network with industry professionals. By the end of the semester students will be able to 1. Gain experience working in more complex productions; 2. Network with professionals in a project setting; 3. Develop a website and/or mobile app.

MTEC 295  Technology Field Practicum  1  

Practice your production skills in a professional setting through your internship. Learn how the industry works, gain experience, be mentored by professionals, and showcase your skills.

MTEC 301  Web & Mobile Technologies III  3  

Develop larger and more complext web design and mobil app development projects using Dreamweaver, Wordress, HTML5, CSS, Swift, Reat and other development tools. Go deeper on the user experience, interface design, securing systems and data, coding development, and new realities.