School Counseling/School Psych (SCNL)

SCNL 519  Foundations of School Counseling  3  

This course provides a comprehensive overview of educational counseling services. Professional orientation, design and delivery of curriculum including developmental guidance curricula, the analysis of program progress and effectiveness, technology for counselors, and contemporary issues also are addressed. Course also includes developing referral resources, learning school conference techniques, and building strong relationships with administration, staff, parents/caregivers and students. Grade of B or better is required.

SCNL 634  School Counseling Practicum  3  

This course is designed to prepare students for field placement. Students will observe and participate in a variety of educational counseling experiences. Students with a back-ground in education are to complete the required 100 hours of assigned pre-practicum experiences. Certified Educators in PA can complete a reduced number of practicum hours. Appropriate documentation of all assigned experiences is required. Grade of B or better required. (Prerequisites: SCSP 503; Corequisite: SCNL 519)

Prerequisites: SCSP-503  
Corequisites: SCNL-519  
SCNL 638  School Counseling Internship I  3  
Prerequisites: SCNL-634  
Course is Pass/Fail  
SCNL 639  School Counseling Internship II  3  
Prerequisites: Take SCNL-638 or CPSY-638 - School Counseling Intership 1  
Course is Pass/Fail